Gushou in the news!

Mississauga partners start up online dragonboat hub Gushou   Chrissy Wessman (left) and Blake Hara have created Gushou, an online platform intended to connect individuals, teams, coaches, vendors and event organizers in the global dragonboat community. Read the full story by Iain Colpitts in Mississauga News!

If you love sports, travel, and being the centre of attention, then this opportunity is for you! Gushou is making a splash in the global dragon boat community and we’re looking for someone who can embody the energy of the brand as our mascot. You’ll be engaging the dragon boat community by building hype at... Continue Reading →

Gushou and Usability Matters

What is Gushou? The word itself means “drummer” in Chinese. In dragon boat, the drummer creates a pulse, or heartbeat, for paddlers to follow. As an intuitive online platform, Gushou will be the pulse of the international dragon boat community. This concept was created by Usability Matters, a Toronto-based firm. Chrissy Wessman and Blake Hara... Continue Reading →

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