Gushou and Usability Matters

What is Gushou?

The word itself means “drummer” in Chinese. In dragon boat, the drummer creates a pulse, or heartbeat, for paddlers to follow. As an intuitive online platform, Gushou will be the pulse of the international dragon boat community. This concept was created by Usability Matters, a Toronto-based firm. Chrissy Wessman and Blake Hara teamed up with Usability Matters to collectively develop “a system of web-based tools to help organize teams, paddlers, and events – as well as an exciting new brand to promote this growing sport.” You can read more about Usability Matters’ Gushou experience by clicking here!

As founders of the Sunnyside Paddling Club- home to more than four thousand paddlers-
Wessman and Hara understood the need for organization in dragon boat events and activities. “We chose to work with Usability Matters because we wanted our users to be at the heart of [Gushou’s] design,” says Wessman, “We wanted to make this website as easy and enjoyable an experience for everyone.” 

Usability Matters guided Wessman and Hara through the process of developing Gushou and its many tools while maintaining the idea of a user-friendly and simple design. On top of being ideal for paddlers seeking a trusted, universal source of information, the Usability Matters team ensured it’s a website easy to navigate.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.03.20 PMSo what can Gushou offer? Gushou is the one-stop shop to all things dragon boating. At, one can register as a paddler, team captain, or event organizer. As an individual paddler, users can upload a short biography, level of experience, location, and search for teams to join.

Team captains can use Gushou to organize their crew lists before practice, register their teams for events, and even explore different line-ups!

Gushou is the future of dragon boat organization. It takes away time spent collecting waivers, managing teams, paddlers, and events, and allows everyone to focus on what they enjoy doing: being on the water!



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