Gushou July 2016 Newsletter

What’s been going on at Gushou you ask? Check out Gushou’s latest Newsletter!

Hello Gushou Users & Friends,

Hope your dragon boat season is going well or if you’re done for 2016, that it went amazingly well! We want to thank you for using Gushou and being with us through our first major launch of the platform. We have been hard at work fine-tuning the next Gushou phase and look forward to rolling out improvements to existing features and new features that will make your dragon boat lives even more enjoyable!
We hope you like our new Gushou ‘Paddler Spotlights’ on social media and had a chance to see Gushou the Dragon at the Mississauga Dragon Boat Festival, Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival or other great events.

In this issue you will find the following:

  • Our Founders are in the News!
  • User Survey – help shape the future of dragon boat and win a t-shirt!
  • Paddler Spotlights
  • Gushou Team Appreciation Party
  • Support Us on Indiegogo
  • Team Captain Focus Group
  • Raffle Results
  • Meet Our Mascot
  • Gushou Promotional Videos

Happy Paddling!! – The Gushou Team
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We’re Looking For Our Brand Ambassador

If you love sports, travel, and being the centre of attention, then this opportunity is for you! Gushou is making a splash in the global dragon boat community and we’re looking for someone who can embody the energy of the brand as our mascot. You’ll be engaging the dragon boat community by building hype at festivals and regattas and helping with team fundraisers.

We want to see if you’ve got what it takes to help build a loyal base of fans for Gushou! Create a video showcasing your personality and talent and post it to our Facebook page. The entrant whose video gets the most likes and positive reactions will get the gig!

You must be between 5’8” – 6’!

PaddleCore Dragon Final Design Orange Shirt SWD Blue (2)

Job Title: Gushou Mascot
Location: Toronto / GTA
Certifications/Education: No formal training necessary
Necessary Skills: Entertainment without words / Outgoing / Friendly
Pay: Part-time ($16.50/hr)
– Help with fan loyalty and team spirit
– Help increase awareness of the Gushou platform
– Engage with the dragon boat community at the Festivals and help fundraise for their causes
– Willing to travel to the US if necessary

Gushou and Usability Matters

What is Gushou?

The word itself means “drummer” in Chinese. In dragon boat, the drummer creates a pulse, or heartbeat, for paddlers to follow. As an intuitive online platform, Gushou will be the pulse of the international dragon boat community. This concept was created by Usability Matters, a Toronto-based firm. Chrissy Wessman and Blake Hara teamed up with Usability Matters to collectively develop “a system of web-based tools to help organize teams, paddlers, and events – as well as an exciting new brand to promote this growing sport.” You can read more about Usability Matters’ Gushou experience by clicking here!

As founders of the Sunnyside Paddling Club- home to more than four thousand paddlers-
Wessman and Hara understood the need for organization in dragon boat events and activities. “We chose to work with Usability Matters because we wanted our users to be at the heart of [Gushou’s] design,” says Wessman, “We wanted to make this website as easy and enjoyable an experience for everyone.” 

Usability Matters guided Wessman and Hara through the process of developing Gushou and its many tools while maintaining the idea of a user-friendly and simple design. On top of being ideal for paddlers seeking a trusted, universal source of information, the Usability Matters team ensured it’s a website easy to navigate.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.03.20 PMSo what can Gushou offer? Gushou is the one-stop shop to all things dragon boating. At, one can register as a paddler, team captain, or event organizer. As an individual paddler, users can upload a short biography, level of experience, location, and search for teams to join.

Team captains can use Gushou to organize their crew lists before practice, register their teams for events, and even explore different line-ups!

Gushou is the future of dragon boat organization. It takes away time spent collecting waivers, managing teams, paddlers, and events, and allows everyone to focus on what they enjoy doing: being on the water!



Dr. Howard Chen: Six questions with a world-known dragon boat philanthropist

“Dragon boat is a very unique sport…. [if] dragon boat lovers unite together, it will be the major sport in the future.”
– Dr Howard Chen

Dr. Howard Chen was introduced to dragon boat in 1995, after helping a friend of his fill boats for a festival. A year later Dr. Chen was approached again to start a new dragonboat
company. Wanting to work as a non-profit corporation but interested in the world of dragonboat, Dr. Chen created his own club out of Long Beach. With the help from the Lions Club and companies of friends, he acquired eight dragonboats to start his new club’s season in 1997. Dr Chen is currently the President of the International Collegiate Dragonboat Federation (ICDBF).

1. What are some of the most important dragonboat initiatives that you have led or been a part of? Dragonboat sports promotion is very difficult. It took the Chinese 2450 years and it’s still not very popular! Dragonboat needs a lot of money and man power to keep the sport going forward- it’s really charity work, and if you don’t get involved and lead EVERYTHING by yourself it will not survive. The sport runs so well in Toronto- it’s a miracle… and a group of crazy hard workers.

2. You have been involved with dragonboat at all levels, locally, nationally and internationally. You also have experience with small, locally run and government driven events. What are some of the challenges you see? This sport is very unique, but it doesn’t really have a fixed formula to copy. Every race and every day I see new issues and challenges. Continue reading